Wednesday, 28 February 2018

WIP Wednesday: Colours of Spring Shawl

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Welcome back to WIP Wed!, and thanks for reading along this far!  

So, this week, I'm revisiting the Colours of Spring Shawl.  I have been knitting on it since I last posted about it -- it's usually the project I take to Knit Night, among other things. And, for those wondering about the state of the Gauntlet Socks, well, I did finish one sock, yeay! (Pictures over on Instagram and Facebook), and I'm hoping to post the test-knit call soon!

A shawl on a circular needle, laying on top of a wooden yarn bowl. The shawl has alternating stripes of garter stitch and lace, and the yarn is a striping gradient yarn. The Colours of Spring Shawl is a crescent shawl, meaning it grows by 4 stitches on the right side and none on the wrong side. That means that it has quite a long wingspan compared to it's depth. . . so I'm honestly not quite sure how to photograph it as a WIP!  I tried here to show the lace and garter sections, plus the colour changes of the *Oceanwind Knits Gradient Kit I'm using. (I'm actually using two of the same gradient kits for 880 yards -- I like big shawls over small ones!)

I'm working it on my 3.5mm *32-inch Hiya-Hiya fixed circulars, without too many problems with bunching at the moment, but it's still got some growing to do.  I'm wondering if I should to to a *47-inch or even a *60-inch circular. (Though I'd have to buy either of those, so it would be nice if I could keep it on the needle it's on now!)  

It's tucked in my yarn bowl from *NaturalKnotWood.  The one downside to mini-skeins is that I find they tangle easily, so I only have out the mini-skein I'm currently working with, and the rest of the mini-skeins live tucked away in the project bag.  That means that this shawl has basically been living in my yarn bowl (but hey, there are a lot worse things, right!)

The only thing is, I haven't decided on the edging I want for this shawl yet.  When I first swatched for this shawl (mid-2017, if I remember right!) I made my swatch with a ruffled border, but I also think this might suit an i-chord bindoff.   

That said, since this is slated to be the April Release for my Pattern Muses over on Patreon, I've put the question out to my Patrons!  So, please, head over to Patreon and make your voice known as to how I should edge this sample!  (I'll include the instructions for both the ruffled edge and i-chord border in the actual written pattern, don't worry about that -- but I'm not sure which will look better for the edging in my sample!)

Well, I think that's just about it for this week's WIP Wed!  Stay tuned to the blog, especially for more on the Gauntlet socks, now that one sock is actually finished.   Until next time, and thanks for reading!

Edit: And since a couple of people have asked over on G+, the crab stitch marker is from *WineMakersSister's Etsy Store, and the set can be found *here!

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