Wednesday, 24 January 2018

WIP Wednesday: Colours of Spring

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Hello, and welcome back!  My utter and sincere apologies for missing last week's WIP Wed, I had a doctor's appointment, and just didn't get the chance to post.

That said, I've started a new project!  I was stumped on what to call this one for a while, but the colours of this *gradient set from *OceanWindKnits remind me so much of Spring. . . and that became the name of the shawl!
A clear plastic bag containing 5 small skeins of yarn, ranging from dark blue to green in a gradient.

So, this will be the 'Colours of Spring' shawl, or, in Welsh, Lliwiau'r Gwanwyn. I'm not sure if I like the Welsh or English title better yet, so I'm making notes for both, haha!  I plan for it to be alternating sections of garter stitch and lace, with the sections (roughly) matching up to the gradient.

And, I know, with the blues in the set, it doesn't look completely like spring, but now the name's nicely stuck in my head, it seems!

This is slated to be the April pattern release thanks to my Patreon Pattern Muses, so I'd better get to it, yes?   The garter stitch sections should go quickly, provided I don't mess up the increases, and the lace pattern isn't superbly difficult.   My intent with this pattern is to create something that's easy enough for 'television knitting' while still being interesting, while still taking advantage of all the gorgeous fade-style gradient kits that are out there.

The yarn is a beautiful *Gradient Set from *OceanWind Knits on Etsy, and I'm working it on my *3.5 mm fixed HiyaHiya circular, though I'm working flat, and so far, it's coming together nicely.  Hopefully I'll be able to put some pictures up for you folks for next WIP Wed!

And, for those wondering about the status of the Gauntlet Socks, I'm currently on try number six (ugh), but, I realized I might be well served at this point by going up a needle size.  So, try number 6 is on the needles, and I'll keep you updated on those, as well!

I think that's about it for this week! Hope you enjoyed, and, as always, thanks for reading!

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