Thursday, 21 December 2017

Woodland Mittens Test-Knit Call

Welcome, all, to my newest call for test-knitters!  So, this call is for my Woodland Mittens.

I've been quiet on these, since they're the January 2018 release for my Pattern Muses on Patreon.  But, they're finally to the test-knit stage, and I'm now looking for test-knitters!
A mitten knit in deep turquoise yarn laying flat.  There is a cable pattern on the back of the hand.
Photography: Stephanie Wallace

These are DK-weight cabled mittens, with a mirrored pattern on the front and back so the cables are always on the back of the hand.   The sample was knit in Baa Ram Ewe Dovestone DK, in the colourway "Eecup," using 3.5mm (US 4) needles.

If people are interested, sign ups are here on the Ravelry Thread!  You will have to be a member to view and post to the thread, but sign up is free.

The deadline for this test is Jan 9, 2018.  Testers who complete the test will receive the finished pattern for free, as well as one pattern of their choice from my self-published patterns.

A mitten laying flat, palm-up. There is a slipped-stitch textured pattern along the palm.
Photography: Stephanie Wallace
Also, if you want to be notified on Ravelry about new test knits, you can PM me on Ravelry to sign up in my test-knitter's thread.  I'll also post test-knit calls here, to my other social media platforms (Facebook, G+, Patreon), and, I'll send out test-knit calls to those on my mailing list (e-mail sign up link), so hopefully, anyone who's interested will see my test-knit calls.

As always, any questions, feel free to reach out, and thanks for checking out this test-knit call!  Stay tuned for more test-knits and other fun things in 2018!

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