Wednesday, 20 December 2017

WIP Wednesday: Gauntlet Socks, Take 3 (Last WIP Wed of 2017!)

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Hello everyone!

It's WIP Wednesday once again, and that means another try on the Gauntlet Socks!

The cuff of a sock on circular needles. The sock is knit on the bias. I realized that there was a way better way to do the front decrease stitches, namely, to increase stitches just after the ribbing, and to use a central decrease for the front, rather then what I was doing before. It's a lot neater, and a lot easier, plus, it means the ribbing is less likely to flare at the top of the socks (thus defeating the purpose of ribbing, in my opinion!)   I thought about going down to 2mm needles for the ribbing, but I don't like switching needle sizes on my socks (I don't quite know why, it's just something that bugs me!)

With all this frogging and re-knitting, It's a very good thing the Leelanau base from *Washtenaw Wool holds up to frogging as well as it does!  It's a bit kinked up, but that's no surprise after multiple froggings!  A lot of times, merino/nylon sock yarns tend to fuzz up at this point if they've been frogged multiple times, but this yarn hasn't done that, which is great!

Well, hopefully third time's the charm and I can get to the heel on these this time.  Ugh.  But, the pattern is coming together in my notes, it's just the question of if the yarn will actually do what I think it should do.  

And since next Wed is the 27th of December, I'm taking some time to be with family and friends over the holidays, so there won't be a WIP Wed post next week.  Stay tuned the week after that for the first WIP Wed post of 2018!

P.S.  I was given the yarn as yarn support for this design, but all opinions about the yarn are my own!

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