Wednesday, 13 December 2017

WIP Wednesday: Birthday Sweater Sleeves and Interchangeable Needles!

Here I am again, with yet another installment of WIP Wednesday!  Serious thanks go to all my readers, who've been reading along with what I'm making!  I wouldn't have continued this long with out all of the positive words you folks have given me.

Well, this week is further progress on the Birthday Sweater.  Like I mentioned on this week's Patreon Behind-the-Scenes, having a cold actually means you get a surprising amount of knitting done!  So, I've finished the front and am now onto the first sleeve.
A ribbed cuff live on circular needles.

What does this mean?  Well, it means a) this sweater just became my travel project.  The sleeves are smaller, and the pattern is simpler.  The huge, gorgeous cable charts that were on the front and back aren't on the sleeves, so it's a part of the pattern where I don't have to constantly be referring to the charts.  It also means b) new needles!  The ribbing for this pattern is done on  smaller needles (for me and my tension, that meant 4mm needles).  But, my 4mm needles are all tied up in other projects right now (the Lorien Cowl being one of them), so I needed a set of new needles.

The Purple Purl, (where I often go for Knit Night) has recently started carrying Lykke interchangeable needles, specifically, the Lykke Driftwood needles. Now, I've usually steered clear of interchangeable needles, since I've heard too many horror stories about how the tips can snap off, or unscrew.  But, I did some research, and it seems that many people are quite happy with the Lykke needles.  Plus, they have a really good warranty!  So, I bought myself a set of 4mm tips, a cord, and went off to the races.  One of the women at Knit Night graciously showed me how to attach the tips to the cord (there's a key to tighten it up), and off I went.  All that, and the tips and cord were cheaper then the fixed circulars I would have bought, so added bonus!

Well, I have to say, I'm really quite impressed. They feel wonderful on the hands.  I think I'll be getting the Lykke needles so long as I can. They're light-weight, and the ability to take the cords off and put stoppers on is great for someone with a million WIPs, like me!   I only wish they went into smaller sizes -- according to the website, the smallest size they go to is a 3.5mm.  Oh well, that's not the end of the world.  I have my dpns and fixed circulars for those sizes, so if that's the only drawback, it's a small one.

Now, I just must remember to put them away when I'm done -- the tips would undoubtedly be perfect cat toys. . .

Until next time, folks, and thanks as always for reading!


  1. Good to know. I've stuck with KnitPicks interchangables since that's what I learned on, but open to options.

    1. I've actually never tried any other interchangeable needles, so this was definitely an adventure!

      Also, according to several sources I've found online, the Lykke tips/cords also work with the Knit Picks/Knitter's Pride needles (I can't test this for myself, though, since I don't have any KP interchangeable).

      I actually quite like the wood. I thought that I'd never want to step away from the metal of my fixed circulars, but this has definitely changed my mind! :)