Wednesday, 29 November 2017

WIP Wednesday: Gauntlet Socks (72sts)

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Hello and welcome back once again to WIP Wednesday!

Well, this time is the second try of my Gauntlet Socks, this time with the 72 stitch cuff:

A cuff-down sock on the needles with a gradient cake of yarn next to it.  There are two stitch markers visible on the sock.  The yarn cake is a gradient of white to deep blue.
It was at this time in my experimentation process that I realized, it's not just the tension that the bias knitting will change -- it's also going to be the construction of the heel flap!  So, now I get to do some experimentation with short rows.  It's all about how the back of the sock skews down towards the heel, while the front of the sock skews up towards the cuff.  This is going to be a bit more challenging to figure out -- but I think I can make it work. Though it is a good thing this yarn frogs back well, if I need it!

Speaking of yarn: as mentioned in my last post, yarn is from the  *Washtenaw Wool Company, and it's *"Orion" on their Leelanau Sock base.   It's been amazing to work with so far, and has survived several froggings and restarts without any problem.  Sometimes, merino/nylon yarns start to pill up after several unravellings -- but their base is US wool and nylon and it hasn't done that, which is wonderful!

Stitch markers are another find on Etsy, once again from the wonderful *EfficientSense.  And, the needles  haven't changed since last time, and are my usual circular sock yarn needles for magic loop,  the *HiyaHiya 2.25 mm circulars

Well, that's about it for this WIP Wed update!  As always, stay tuned for more on what's on my needles, and thanks for reading!

P.S.  I was given the yarn as yarn support for this design, but all opinions about the yarn are my own!

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