WIP Wednesday: Sneak Peek from the Designer's Challenge -- Lorien Cowl

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Hello again, all, and welcome back to another (admittedly, sadly belated) installment of WIP Wednesday!

I'm sorry this wasn't posted sooner, but my computer decided to have a fit of anger and not boot properly.  I think my much-loved 8 year old laptop is in danger of finally dying a final death. Anyway, I did get it working, (and have ordered a new external HD to assist with backups and eventual file transfers), so onto WIP Wed proper!

This particular new WIP is my entry into the October/November Ravelry Designer's Challenge, assuming I can get it finished in time.  I've got the working title of "Lorien Cowl" -- me being a complete Lord of the Rings fan, it just made sense to call a cowl of falling leaves the "Lorien Cowl."

A lace leaf stitch pattern on circular needles. Yarn is a deep turquoise/teal with a cabled texture.  Knitting and yarn are both in a wooden yarn bowl
Yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL Fingering, in "Neptune."   It's a bit of a sticky yarn, so frogging back when I make mistakes has proven interesting,  It's on my 4mm circular needle; and tucked inside the gorgeous yarn bowl I got from *NaturalKnotWood. 

Also, my additional apologies to those who follow my Patreon Behind the Scenes -- you won't see that much more progress, I'm afraid.  I got maybe another ten rows done between pictures.  As mentioned above, I spent most of Wed morning arguing with my laptop and hoping it would boot properly.  So, less time for knitting, sadly.

Well, that's it for this installment.  I've got some more work on the Spiralling Star Mittens for Barter that I plan to show next week, but otherwise, that's about it for now.  Until next time!


  1. Lovely colors and intriguing design! As another Lord of the Rings fan, that's a great name choice. Looking forward to seeing more as this evolves.

    1. Ah, another LoTR fan! When I starting working this leaf pattern, it just seemed so appropriate that it be named after the Forest of Lorien. And now I want to do a silver/gold version of the cowl, too!

      (And your comment got caught in moderation, so that's why I didn't get back to it right away! Sorry about that!)


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