Wednesday, 6 September 2017

WIP Wednesday: Winter Mandala Sneak Peek

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Welcome back to another installment of WIP Wedensday!

For this week, I've been focusing on a new pattern prototype, one inspired by the Ravelry Designer's Challenge August/September theme: my Winter Mandala Hat!  Those who have already read my Patreon Behind-the-Scenes post for this week will note that, annoyingly,  I'm not that much further ahead then when I posted yesterday.

A tam being knit from the brim inwards.  The top of the tam is a colourwork pattern.
Part of the reason for the name is the yarn I used for the Main Colour -- The Blue Brick Yarns Killarney Sock in "Iceberg".  It's an absolutely gorgeous colour, and it definitely lives up to it's name!  As you can see from the link above, it cycles right to a white at the other end of the yarn.  I'm not sure I'll get that far, but I think it will work out all the same.
The CC is a ball of navy blue stash that I've had in my stash for what feels like forever. It's acrylic or an acrylic blend, but I'm comfortable with the mixing of the fibers (though it does mean I'll have to block it differently then I usually would)!

The needles are HiyaHiya 2.25 mm circulars. I honestly don't remember if they're the *24 inch or *36 inch cord -- I'm pretty sure they're the 24 inch cord, but I don't want to pull them out to check!  Right now, I'm using the traveling loop method of working the hat, as the brim decreases.  It's not quite small enough (yet) to magic loop this, so the traveling loop works well.  Plus, it's still too many stitches right now for dpns. (Also, any time I don't have to go hunting for enough dpns is a win in my book!)

This has actually been an adventure to design. The chart is one of the biggest charts I've done to date; and I actually screwed up my math when I was first designing.  I had originally planned for a 6-wedge hat.  Each colourwork repeat was a wedge in the top of the hat, and it would repeat 6 times.  Well, somewhere along the line, I made a mistake, and it's actually a 7-wedge hat!   It's still working out just fine, though, so mistake in math quickly turned into 'but I like it that way!'

And I know I have reason to be happy with it - I was knitting it while waiting for an appointment today, and 4 different people commented on how gorgeous it was!   So I hope the finished object will be worthy.  I'm trying to finish it for a Friday event (can't go into details yet on said event, but it should be fun), so hopefully this will be finished up soon!

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