Wednesday, 27 September 2017

WIP Wednesday: Progress on the Sterling Cables Birthday Sweater

Once again, welcome back to WIP Wednesday!

 So, this Wednesday post is more on the Sterling Cables Sweater.  Pattern is from Bernat, (so it's not one of my own designs), and it's their Sterling Cables Sweater.

A peice of knitting laying flat, still live on a circular needle.  The are decreases visible to shape the underarms. There's a large central cable motif and two smaller cables on either side.  The knitting is done in a tonal yarn that varies between emerald green and almost black.
I've been knitting away on this (it's now officially another belated birthday gift, but my giftee is ok with that), and have gotten to the underarms, and past the underarm shaping on the back.

It's a good thing I chose to do this in pieces, even though I hate seaming.  Toronto's been having a heat wave over the last few days, and I don't think I could have stood to have an entire sweater on my lap -- this is bad enough!  I am, however, going to knit the sleeves in the round, since it's always has seemed odd to me to seam sleeves (and I realize that I just wrote a bit of a tongue-twister there!)

Anyway, it's only a few more inches to the shoulder, now, and I'm going to use TechKnitter's show-row stepped shoulder trick rather simply casting off stitches at the edge of each shoulder, as the pattern says.  It will make a neater seam, and I'll leave the stitches live so I can 3-needle bind off them to the front.  Hopefully, I can even get to the shoulder shaping tonight, if I'm productive.

If you want to see where I was on the sweater last week (and my admittedly less-then-flattering thoughts on the pattern), check out my previous post.  As for the sweater itself, well, progress is slow, but the sweater is definitely growing!

And that's it for this time around on WIP Wed.  I doubt I'll get this done for Friday, but the heat is supposed to dissipate tonight, so maybe I'll be more in love with my knitting tomorrow!

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