Wednesday, 13 September 2017

WIP Wednesday: Bricks Socks

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Well, so far, WIP Wednesday is going well!

This week's installment is something I just cast on this morning, so there's not much to see yet.  The pattern has the working title of 'Masonry Socks' or 'Bricks Socks' -- I prefer the first one, but it seems like the second title is the one that's stuck in all my notes, so, that's what I'm going with here for now!

These are a belated Birthday Gift (like most knitters, I tend to fall behind in my gift-giving, embarrassingly!) and I'm hoping they won't take me too long to knit up.  The pattern's already gone through one iteration, so there shouldn't be (hopefully!) any really big surprises on sizing or tension this time around.

A cuff down sock on a circular needle. It is knit partway through the cuff in 2 by 2 ribbing.  The yarn is dark green, and needles, sock, and yarn, are resting in a wooden yarn bowl.Yarn is Schachenmayr Regia, in the wonderfully named colourway "1994". This yarn was actually a lucky find -- a bunch of friends and I had gone to a theatre prop sale. There was a community theatre near us that was selling off a lot of their old props to clear some space, and it was a treasure trove of random things.  One of the things I found was a basket full of all sorts of yarn, and in that basket were two 50g balls of the Regia Sock Yarn!  So it was a wonderful frugal find.

Needles are HiyaHiya 2.25 mm circulars.  They're the same ones I had the Winter Mandala Hat on, (that hat's now off the needles, so stay tuned!) and, yes, I still forgot to check the cord length.  From the way the cord is while I'm magic-looping the socks, though, I'm almost sure they're the *24 inch cord.

The yarn bowl was an Etsy find from the wonderful Wayne of *NaturalKnotWood in Winnipeg!  It's maple and walnut, and is surprisingly quite light!  I've carried it in the bottom of my knitting bag to events without any trouble and, I've got a couple more of his bowls in my Etsy favorites, I fully admit!

I'm hoping I can finish up these socks relatively quickly -- they're already belated to their gift-ee.  So, wish me luck, and until next time!

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