Friday, 15 September 2017

FO Friday: Winter Mandala Tam

Well, the first Winter Mandala Tam Prototype is done!

A top-down view of a stranded colourwork hat.  The background colour is a blue gradient, and the forground mandala pattern is a navy blue.
Yes, it's definitely only a prototype.  Those who follow my Patreon behind-the-scenes know that this hat. . . well, there's a tale.

Long story short, this hat had to be frogged back from where you last saw it, right back to the brim, because of a pretty spectacular math error on my part.

That, on it's own, would have been bad enough, but the CC yarn, the navy blue, tangled and stuck horribly.  I actually ended up having to cut my yarn in a few places, and there was much crying involved.  It was not a fun night.

And, after all that, (and and a dash of rum to quell the tears), well, the hat still didn't turn out right.  It's not horrible, but my tension wasn't right over the colourwork section.  I really should have gone up to 2.5 or even 2.75 mm needles for the colourwork -- so even with blocking, the tam isn't a proper tam, more like a weirdly shaped beanie (I'll spare you the embarrassing pictures).  That said, I've redone the math, and I'm hoping to finish a second (and better!) version of this before the end of the Ravelry Designer's Challenge.  I should have more then enough yarn to do so, though if I'll have enough time is in question!

It is done, though, and it is a functional proof of concept, which is exciting, since this is the first tam I've designed!

I'm still not sure exactly what I'm going to do with this version, though. It's not worth unraveling, because the CC yarn sticks so badly, and it is a functional, if slightly strange-looking, hat.  Plus, I still love the colours!  So, I've put it away in my drawer of hats for now -- maybe it will grow on me?

Well, regardless of my ambivalence, that's it for this Friday's progress.  Check back for more FO Fridays and previews of patterns, and thanks for reading!

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