Wednesday, 16 August 2017

WIP Wednesday: Convolution Hat, Take Two

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I started work on the Convolution Hat last December, and . . . well, lets just say that it needed a second try.  While I love how the pattern's working out, what you can't tell from the previous photo is that it didn't turn out quite right.

I tried fixing the flaring of the ribbing by hemming my prototype, which kind of worked.  But not enough that I was happy with it, so, it was clearly a time for as second prototype:

A worsted-weight hat knit in red yarn with spiralling cables and a flared ribbed brim.

I'm just working along the beginning of the crown decreases.  Even though I altered the ribbing, it's still flaring, but I think this time it will work better hemmed.  And, if not, I'll alter the ribbing again and try again with a third prototype! (Third time's the charm, if it comes to it!)

The yarn is *Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash, in "Rose", and I'm not sure if the colour is still available or not.   The needles are my inherited Aero needles, with their thick circular cord (I love the Aero needles, but the cords on the Aero circulars are always a pain-in-the-behind).  And you can find the *rose stitch marker I'm using in *EfficientSense's Etsy Store. (and, as always, I have to say that I absolutely love her stitch markers.)

I originally planned to have this up for testing a while ago, but the ribbing is definitely refusing to cooperate.  If this prototype does what I want, I'm hoping to have it up for testing in September/October, so, stay tuned here!

My intent is to make WIP Wed a weekly feature here on the blog, so, stay tuned for more posts about what's on my needles and what I'm working on. Wish me luck, and thanks for tuning in!


  1. It is good to have a weekly idea. I post every Sunday about knitting and try for one mid-week about other stuff in my life. I have lots of inherited Aero needles too. All dpns. I have to say I still love them.

    1. I'm hoping I can stick to WIP Wed. A couple of people have asked to see more of what's on the needles, and I'm happy to oblige. It's a good prompt for my scatterbrained self to post more, haha!

      And I -love- my Aero dpns too. I've lost a few of them over the years, but I still love them! I've got a bunch of Aero straights too, that I'll use sometimes for scarves and such. I do like the Aero circular tips, but the cord is just such a pain and impossible to unkink. :(