Monday, 14 August 2017

Patreon Update: New Goals, New Rewards!

Well, here's an update to my Patreon Page!

Two updates, really, but they're related enough I figure they can be a single blog post.

Update Number One:

I've adjusted my rewards around, and I now have a new $10 reward tier! If you follow me on Patreon or other social media, you'll be seeing the details of this soon, if you haven't already.
A yellow box wrapped with silver ribbon and tied with a bow.

The simple version is: my $10 Pattern Muses get a say in some of patterns I'll be releasing. It's a 6 month production cycle, and I just posted the first poll (for a Jan 2018 release).  The next poll (for an April 2018 release) will go up in October 2017.

In addition, I might solicit more feedback, depending on the type and style of the pattern I end up working on.  And finally, the pattern will be free to the Pattern Muses, until the next pattern in the cycle is released.

Update Number Two:

I've posted a new goal -- I'd love to be able to have a Coworking Membership.

A notebook, pen and cup of coffee on a desk. As I think I've mentioned on the blog before, I work from home, which is great, until it's not.  It's hard to focus on work when I know the bathtub needs to be cleaned, or if my roommate is home or others are over. I don't have a private work space (I work in our living room/kitchen), so it can be a challenge to get things done if there's other stuff going on. Plus, despite my best efforts, the cats do get into my work.   It's not a problem for me, but it is a problem if I'm trying to keep cat hair off a sample knit.

Plus, I got the chance to try out a co-working space on International Co-working day (yes, that exists), and I loved it.  I got a lot done, far more then I thought I would (though I was overly optimistic about how much knitting I'd have to bring with me, but isn't that always the way?  Better to have too much knitting then not enough!)

Also, the co-working membership gets me access to health insurance (very important!), networking and advertising opportunities, teaching space, and more.  It'll be amazing, if I can make it work!

So, I figured, it deserved a goal on Patreon.

As always, thoughts, feedback, and comments are all welcome -- I'm still new to Patreon, so letting me know what you'd like to see (or not like to see) would be amazingly helpful!

Until next time!

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