Tuesday, 1 August 2017

I'm on Patreon!

A few of you have probably seen the "become a patron" button on the blog sidebar, or noticed that there's now a Pages Tab called "Patreon Sponsors"

Because, yep, I'm now on Patreon!

Patreon Logo

Ok, wait, what is Patreon?

Patreon is a simple way for my followers and fans to contribute to my work creating patterns, knitwear, and teaching content, by pledging their support once a month! And, you'll get great rewards in return. There's a list of (hopefully awesome) rewards; from your name and website mentioned in credits on my blog, sneak peeks of my work, access to a live-chat with me, up to free patterns from my collections! (Oh, and if you think of an awesome reward I'm not offering that you think I could, let me know!)

So why should anyone become my patron?

Ok.  I'll be honest and say that money is a consideration.  But it's not the primary one.  The primary reason is because this is a way for me to give away exclusive awesome content to people who are really willing to work with me on this amazing fiber stuff!   And, Patreon will help fund the resources what I do do for free within that community community, stuff like free patterns, and an upcoming Youtube Channel full of free tutorials! (More on that later!)

Also, as a business tool, Patreon allows for stability in funding.  Most small artists, myself included, don't have the luxury of being able to court any kind of larger investors or big financial backing to cover our expenses, so expenses vary wildly month-to-month.  And, I will say, it's hard to focus on knitting when I'm worried I won't be able to make rent.  Patreon is a form of stable crowdfunding that takes way those fears, and lets me focus on making awesome things.

But, that said, please don't feel like you're obligated to become a patron.  If you're not comfortable doing so, I completely understand.  Not everyone has the money; or is comfortable with crowdfunding, or any number of other reasons; why you might not become a patron.  Please, don't worry about it.

And, if you're looking for other ways to support my work (for which you are awesome, and thank you!) you can buy my patterns, purchase classes from me, follow me on Social Media,  or, use my affiliate links to purchase something -- I'll get a varying commission if you do.   Even knitting up a project and posting it to Ravelry, or tagging it with #SarahDawnsDesigns on Facebook or Instagram is a help!

Well, as always, any questions, comments, concerns or thoughts, feel free to leave them in the comments below, or send me a quick e-mail.

Thanks for reading, folks!

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