Monday, 31 July 2017

Last Day: Can-Con Sock Along at The Purple Purl!

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Well, as usual for me, my knitting goals were a bit too ambitious.

I was knitting up these socks for The Purple Purl's Can-Con Sock Along.  But, deadline is today (July 31, 2017), and, alas, I haven't even finished knitting one sock.   
A gradient sock running from brown at the cuffs to yellow along the heel.  The foot is incomplete and still live on the needle.  There are slipped stitches spiralling along the leg of the sock and the top of the foot.
WIP as of July 31, 2017
 I am, however, further along then I was the last time I talked about these, at least now the gradient colour change is clearly visible! 
[Image Description: The leg of a sock being worked on circular needles. There's a spiralling slipped-stitch cable going around the work.]
WIP as of July 11, 2017

I do have to say, The Blue Brick yarns have wonderful gradients, and I really want to design a shawl in this yarn to see how the colours play out that way!

For this sock, I'm actually working from a single ball, so I'm curious how this is going to turn out too, since the colour changes won't be identical for each sock.  They'll be a fraternal pair, rather then an identical pair, of socks. 

And,  you can see, I've gotten a new set of stitch markers since then too:

 A close up near the live stitches of the sock.  A silver stitch marker in the shape of a feather is locked into the knitting by a lobster clasp.
The previous marker I was using was a closed stitch marker you slipped along the needles, and it drove me batty, since the loop of it was wide enough I'd keep accidentally knitting it into my work!  So when I got these locking stitch markers from *Efficient Sense, well, that package definitely qualified as happy mail!  Her *Silver Feather Stitch Markers are light enough to not drag down my knitting, but big enough that I can't accidentally knit past them!  (No, seriously, if you're looking for locking stitch markers, her shop is amazing!)

Anyway,  even though I didn't finish these for the Sock-Along, I am going to try and finish them for the end of August.  So, stay tuned to this space for more on this pattern!

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