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Me Made May Weeks 3 and 4

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I made it!

It took me a while to compile the photographs; and for that, I apologize.    Anyway, onto the last two weeks of Me Made May 2017!
A single fingering-weight blue sock, with lace and texture, being worn on someone's foot.
#MMMay17: Day 15
 These are my Cadence Socks, by VeryBusyMonkey. Yarn is Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label, in the "Jean Jacket" colourway. And despite having cashmere in the blend, these socks have held up well for over half-a-year now despite many trips through the washer/dryer.

A hand wearing a fair-isle fingerless mitten. MC is pastel turquoise, CC is close to Sky Blue
#MMMay17: Day 16
 For Day 16, here's another picture of my (tentatively titled) Fair Isle Fingerless Mitts that I wore. The pattern is still in the draft stages, but I'm hoping for a September release for these.  Yarn is *Juniper Moon Farms Moonshine in "Azure Skies" and "Seaside"

A woman facing the camera. There is a shawl wrapped around her shoulders. The main body of the shawl is off-white, but there is a gradient stripe across the shawl, going from purple to green.
#MMMay17: Day 17, 19, 27, and 28
Once again, I had the chance to knit out on the balcony, which was great! But at the time, it still wasn't just t-shirt weather. So here I am, still wearing my First Point of Libra Shawl (pattern is by Laura Aylor).

A hand wearing a fingerless mitten. The mitten is in Entrelac, knit in a green gradient yarn. Edging at the top and around the thumb is a contrasting bright blue.
#MMMay17: Day 20, 21 and 26
 Well, here is another sneak peak, this one inspired by the Ravelry Designer's Challenge!

These are my Entrelac Mitts (another working title) worked in a gradient from *Freia Fine Handpaint Fibers. Because they're made from a single skein of gradient yarn, they're fraternal, not identical fingerless mitts (Scroll down for a picture of the other mitt and you can see the difference).

They're a lot of fun to make and to wear (even if I did puzzle over Entrelac in the Round, at first!).

For the curious, I'm hoping to have these up for testing end of June/Early July 2017, and I'll post my test-knit calls here, as always.

A short-sleeved cardigan laying flat. Most of the cardigan is open, but there are 6 buttons at the top yoke. The yoke is lace, while the rest of the cardigan is stocking stitch.
#MMMay17: Day18, 22 and 23

So for Day 22 and 23, here's a full picture of my Low Tide Cardigan by TinCanKnits. I've been loving this ever since I finished it, but I realized that (along with having to finish my updates to MMMay), that folks hadn't seen the full picture of it!

 A sky blue open cardigan with ribbed front bands and eyelets along the bottom edge. It's laying flat on a wooden surface
#MMMay17: Day 24 and 25
So it's a repeat of an earlier photo, but it's still accurate! My Staring at Stars Sweater (pattern by Alica Plummer) makes really good 'house clothes' for being warm, thick and fuzzy. The reason I don't wear it out as much is because it has a tendency to gape open at the front. Lesson Learned: any cardigan for me needs at least one button!  

A woman faceing the camera. She is wearing a blue felted hat with a brim
#mmmay17 Day 29
Day 29 is an older project (but something I still wear often!)  It was originally done as part of a knit-along by *EatSleepKnit, but I still wear it often.  
Anyway, this is my Felted Hat. Yarn is *Malabrigo Worsted in "Azul Bolita", and the hat is a Ravelry Freebie and can be found here.

Despite it being wool, it's actually really good for keeping my head cool. It keeps the sun out of my eyes, and my hair doesn't get nearly as sweaty as when I wore baseball caps and such. 

#MMMay17: Day 30
While not the best picture, these are my Gox Socks by Valerie Wagoner! Yarn is Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in "Frost".  I made these quite some time ago, and they've held up well! Admittedly, this is an older picture (I didn't get a picture when I was wearing them on May 30th), but I promise I was!
Two entrelac gloves knit in a blue-green gradient
#MMMay17: Day 31.  Photography: Stephanie Wallace

 Day 31 is another sneak peek at my own Entrelac Mitts. This is actually a behind-the-scenes from our photo shoot for this pattern, so I'm hopeful that it will be up for testing very soon!

Yarn is *Freia Fine Handpaint Fibers, Merino Sport Silk blend, in the colourway "Atlantis".

And that should now be all of my Me Made May posts caught up!  I really enjoyed it, actually, despite my inability to post timely photos (to which I thank you all for your patience).
I'm already looking forward to next year, and wish me luck!

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