Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Me Made May Week 2!

Ok, onto Week 2 of Me Made May!

You'll see some repeat photos, so please bear with me!  And if you're following me on Facebook, a lot of this will look familiar.  
[Image Description: Someone resting their hand on their knee. There's a fair-isle fingerless mitten on their hand, done in worsted-weight yarn].
#MMMay17: Day 9 and 14
So I was out and about at different workshops on May 9th. . . so no new pictures. I've noticed that I don't take my MMMay pictures if I'm running around doing other stuff, so hopefully I can get better about getting pictures when I'm at home!

However, I was wearing the prototypes for my Fair Isle Fingerless Mittens (working name only, I promise!), and here's the repeat photo of them.

I also wore these to The Fair Trade Show on the 14th. If you have the chance and are in the Toronto Area, it's actually a great show! While there was no yarn sellers there, there were lots of people clothing and textiles, and I saw and learned many cool new things (like the fact that you can spin the stems of the Lotus Plant)!
A woman standing next to a window with her hair up around her head in braids. The braids have a purple scarf worked into them.
#MMMay Day 10:

 I really think I'm getting better at this Selfie thing, it's another selfie that doesn't totally suck! 
Anyway, I've been tying my hair up for a while, and I've been looking into ways to do the 'braids around the head' hairstyle. Hairsticks work fine to keep my hair up and nicely contained, and aren't hard to do with long hair, but you can't wear a winter hat over them. (This is very important for a Canadian Winter!)

Well, I found out how to use scarves to put your hair up in braids, and started doing it.
Anyway, the scarf I used is the 2014 Year of Lace Scarf by Elizabeth Ravenwood. I did her KAL for this scarf when it was released, and I did it in Tanis Fiber Arts Silver Label, in "Grape".

But, I almost never wear a lot of thin scarves around my neck, so I never really knew what to do with it until I started using it as a braid scarf, and it works really well! And, the silk content of the TFA Silver Label means my hair doesn't snag on it. When my hair is fully down, it's mid-back and goes everywhwere, so I really do need to put it up or it gets in -everything-, including my knitting. Having to pull my hair out of my yarn is sometimes a reality. 

Day 11, I admit it, was when I stumbled.  I didn't wear any handknits. At least I have the excuse of not feeling so well.   But I just didn't have a lot of energy that day.

 A woman facing the camera. Her hair is in braids around her head, with a purple scarf braided into them. She is wearing a light blue t-shirt; and a buttoned short-sleeved sweater over the t-shirt. The sweater is knit, with a lace yoke and large wooden buttons
#MMMay17: Day 12 and 13
Day 12 is my first Finished Object in May! I spent the morning of Day 12 finishing and blocking the sweater I'm wearing in the photo, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

The pattern is Tin Can Knits Low Tide, done in baa ram ewe's Titus. Buttons are from The Woodlot's Etsy Shop!

I also wore it on Day 13, to Game Night.  This was one of the projects I worked on during Game Night, so people were curious to see what it had become!

 Well, I think that brings me up to speed for week two!  Again, if people have their own Me Made May projects or stories to share, please, post them to the comments below! I'd love to read them!

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