Monday, 8 May 2017

Me Made May, Week 1!

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Well, welcome to my roundup of my Me Made May Attempt.

A shawl wrapped around the shoulders and neck of a person. The shawl is a number of various colours and stripes of various thickness, and the bottom edge of the shawl is fringed.
#MMMay: Day 1 and 3

I've been chronicling my attempt on Facebook with the #MMMay17 hashtag, (hopefully the search link works, let me know if it doesn't!)

But, I also said I'd post it here as well, so; here we go!

 This is me wearing my Freestyle Shawl. The pattern is from a pattern book I bought in 2004, and it really is just a scrap shawl. This particular shawl is mostly acrylic scraps, old stash I bought when I didn't really know much about fiber.  However, it is thick and warm, which was needed since we were under a thunderstorm watch; and it was windy, cold, and generally dismal. 
 Someone sitting with their feet tucked up on a chair. On their feet is a pair of worsted-weight knitted socks done in a Sky Blue colour. The socks have textured ribbing.
#MMMay Day 2:
 So what do you do when your feet get cold? Grab a pair of heavy socks, that's what!

These are my Textured Socks, knit up in 100% Superwash Worsted Merino Wool. (Pattern is a Ravelry Freebie, you can find it at the link!)

Day 3 was a repeat of the Freestyle Shawl.  The weather's been dismal, and there hasn't been really any sunshine until today (Monday). 
A sky blue open cardigan with ribbed front bands and eyelets along the bottom edge. It's laying flat on a wooden surface.
#MMMay Day 4:
 And the weather continued, and I wanted something else warm to wear about the house.  Shawls are great to snuggle under, but not so practical when you have to do housework. 

 So this is my Staring At Stars Sweater, (pattern by Alicia Plummer) done in 2016 as part of a Knit-Along run by *Eat.Sleep.Knit.. It came out a teeny bit too big for me, but it's another thing that I'll reach for on a cooler day (and since it's still raining, today definitely qualifies!)

 Also,  I think I've mentioned before that my selfie taking skills leave much to be desired. While I was wearing this, I couldn't get it to photograph remotely right (and the one time it did, I looked so -angry- because I was concentrating so hard)!  So, here's a picture instead, of it spread out. I was wearing it most of May 4th, I promise!

 A blue textured fingerless mitten done in fingering-weight yarn.
#MMMay Day 5:
Those of you who follow this blog have probably seen these before.  They're my Spiralling Star Fingerless Mittens, and the testing for them is almost done. Yarn for these is a gorgeous Merino/Silk Blend from SweetGeorgia Yarns, and look for the pattern late May/early June, if all goes well!

Someone resting their hand on their knee. There's a fair-isle fingerless mitten on their hand, done in worsted-weight yarn
#MMMay Day 6 and 7:

Well, the weather was still horrible, but this was taken while I was enroute to the St Lawrence Market (seriously, if you get the chance to go to the Farmer's Market, it's amazing, if crowded)!  I also wore them a day later, on the Sunday morning to church (we had a frost warning, so I was glad I had them!)I knew I needed something warm, so, I chose something I knew was warm -- these are made from Juniper Moon Farm Moonshine, so they're Alpaca/Wool/Silk, and really nice next to the skin.

These are a prototype of one of my own patterns -- my working title is "Fair Isle Fingerless Mittens", which is descriptive; but not what I'm going to publish under! Pattern is still in draft stage, but I'm hoping to get this one out by September at the latest. So keep your eyes peeled here, on Facebook, or on Google for the test knit call.

A woman smiling at the camera, waving her hand. There's a shawl wrapped around her shoulders, neck and chest. The shawl is cream with 5 colour stripes, the stripes are a gradient from purple to green.
#MMMay 2017: Day 8
Wow, a selfie that isn't horrible!  Maybe I'm learning something?

Well, here I am. I decided to knit outside on our balcony today, since it's actually nice out! But it was cool enough to need a shawl while I worked, especially when the sun went in. 

So, the shawl I'm wearing is my First Point Of Libra, by Laura Aylor. I knit it as part of a knit-along hosted by The Purple Purl (even if, as usual for me, I finished late)! The yarn was chosen for the KAL, and it's SweetGeorgia Yarns Tough Love Sock. The stripes are their Mini-Skein Party of Five Set. 

Well, that's the first week of Me Made May!  Here's hoping I can continue through!  I've got a vest that's off the needles, it just needs ends woven in and blocking.  And there's a second sweater I might finish up as well before the month's end.  

If anyone has any awesome Me Made May stories/photos, I'd love to hear them!  Please, post them in the comments here!


  1. Love your stuff! Interesting read.

    1. Thank you! I'm putting together the round up for the second week, which will hopefully go up soon. :)