Thursday, 9 March 2017

Toronto Knitter's Guild -- March 2017 Skills Exchange!

 Yes, that's right!

The Toronto Knitter's Guild is hosting their Skills Exchange again, and it should be amazing!  I attended last time they did this (you can see pictures in their Flickr feed), and it was totally worth it, even if I haven't yet finished up the mini-project from one of the classes yet. . . (and oh, look, I should get a picture of that half-finished project!  Whoops!)


Well, anyway, this time around, I'll be there, but I'm not attending, I'm teaching!

That's right, I'm the Sarah Dawn who's teaching the 'pick up and purl' mini-workshop.

Why 'pick up and purl?'  Because it's something that seems to scare off knitters, especially when I mention it in combination with Entrelac.  But it's not that scary, and if I can demistify it for a few people, then I think that's a great thing!

For details, follow the image link to the March 2017 meeting page!

If you're in the Greater Toronto Area, I hope to see you there! 

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