Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Resource List Update!

Just a quick update this time around:

Instead of  continuing to place my various Fiber Arts Resources in a side link on the main blog page, they're being moved to their own page.

This will also allow for better organization of links, better descriptions; and a way to directly link to them (like I did above!)

So, if you're wondering where new links are going, or, if you are seeing links vanishing from the sidebar, don't worry, they're not gone!

Also, I'm trying to collate as many resources as possible, so if you have something you'd like to add to the list of Fiber Arts Resources, please, send me an e-mail; or post it to the Fiber Arts Resource Thread on Ravelry.  Even if there's already one resource on that topic multiple tutorials are a good thing, since everyone learns a little differently.

I do reserve the right to veto submissions (sadly, there are spammers and such on the internet),  but more resources surrounding the Fiber Arts are always welcome.

This is going to keep me busy for the next little bit, so, until next time!

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