Thursday, 23 February 2017

Etsy Shop!

Hello all!

. . . I have an Etsy Shop!

I hadn't originally planned on having one when I first started this business.  But I'm running into a problem I didn't anticipate, and Etsy seems to be the solution to this problem.

See, I knit a lot of my own samples.  It's how I figure out how patterns work and how things go together.  And I have to knit samples in sizes people will wear.  There's no point in my knitting a Large if I have no one to test the Large size and tell me if it actually fits. Test-Knitters take care of some of that (and thank you to my awesome test-knitters, if you're reading!), but I still have to make at least one of the items using my own knitting needles and try it on on a physical person in the same room as me.

So, I've accumulated lots of things.  I'm a knitter -- I already have lots of accessories knit up from all sorts of designers around the web.  There are only so many accessories that I will ever use.  And the same is true for my friends and family.  While I can (and do) knit samples as gifts, how many hats do people actually need? And while I also can (and do) donate some of my samples to charities, I was still left with a question: 

What to do with my extra samples?  Well, selling them seems like a reasonable idea.

Hence, an Etsy shop.

It does two things for me.

One: It allows me to take commissions.  I did a commissioned knitwear piece for someone earlier in Feb, and I discovered I quite enjoyed the process! I'd originally been afraid of commission work, but now I'm realizing it's not as scary as I thought, provided I'm clear about pricing/expectation/etc.

Two: It gives me a space to sell extra samples, or things I knit from my patterns.  I don't object to this idea.  I don't know how much inventory I'll actually have (this is still secondary to the actual pattern design process), but, it's opened an intriguing door for me!

So yeah.  I have an Etsy shop. (Can you tell I'm still adjusting to this idea?)

Right now there's just my one Mitered Drawstring Project Bag Pattern PDF available.  Etsy doesn't have support for free patterns like Ravelry does, so my free patterns won't be on Etsy until and unless that changes.  But, feel free to take a look, ask questions, and if you're interested in a commissioned knitwear piece based on my designs, or want a custom-made commissioned knitwear piece, let me know!

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