Monday, 2 January 2017

2017 New Years Resolutions!

*I posted a copy of this to Facebook, but I decided to post it here as well.  If I'd been thinking, I would have posted it here and then shared it to Facebook, but, I didn't think of that until about 30 seconds before I started typing this.

Oh well. I guess this just demonstrates that I'm still learning the quirks of social media!

- - -

Well, it's 2017 now. I've been celebrating with friends and family, but now it's time to buckle down and do the work that will (hopefully) make 2017 awesome.
I've complied a list of things I'd like to do in 2017. Will all these get done? I hope so. If they don't because of things outside my control, I'm ok with that.

1) Knit with more direction. I've got -so- many half-finished projects because I fall in love with KALs, patterns, yarn, etc. I want to seriously stop and think 'am I going to finish this?' I want to clear my old WIPs out, but then I want to think twice about casting on. 

2) Publish at least 3 (hopefully more) new patterns. I've got a whole bunch of pattern prototypes that are done, with the first draft of the patterns written up, they just need to be photographed, finalized, and sent to my wonderful test-knitters and tech editor.

3) Write more. I've got a lot of patterns in the 'here are my notes and my prototypes' stage. I need to get them written up into a proper pattern format, and do the math for things like grading, etc.

4) Write More (part two!) I want to write more original content for my blog. Articles and tutorials, that sort of thing. I've got some ideas for tutorials and such, but I actually have to organize the photography, write the text. I'd like to get stronger at that.

5) Promote more. I'm self-conscious of my work, so it's too easy for me to just kind of stay quiet rather then saying 'hey, look at my stuff!' I want to start running some advertising, either on Facebook, or on Ravelry.

6) Collaborate more. There are a lot of local artists who I'd love to work with, I just don't have the nerve to approach them. I'd like to start working on that this year. That also means collaborating with other designers, dyers and fiber people too.

7) I'd like to do a web live-chat. I have to organize real-time captioning for it, so it won't be happening immediately, but I'd like to do one.

8) Video tutorials. I've got a pattern in the works that has some very interesting techniques to it. I want to try my hand at doing a video tutorial for it.

9) At the end of the year, my goal for 2017 is to break-even this year. As a small startup, it's actually a very ambitious goal, but I'm willing to try and be ambitious this year. Will it happen? Well, I don't know, but I'm going to give it my best! And if I strive for something ambitious and fall short, it means that I've still moved forward, which is the important part at the end of the year.

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