My Haul from the Haliburton Studio Tour!

Hello all!

So, every year my family and I go up to Haliburton, Ontario, for the Haliburton Studio Tour, and we went up this year.

It's absolutely gorgeous, plus I love being up at the cottage.  Sadly, I'm a horrible picture-taker, so I keep forgetting to take pictures (but I promise, I will try and get some decent pictures next year.)

Anyway, one of the studios we got to see was FibersDen Studio.  Marty Gyrciuk, is very sweet, and we chattered about knitting and spinning for a bit; before I picked up a skein of her handspun, and some fiber to try my own hand at spinning again.

This is her Merino/Nylon sock yarn that came home with me.
 A skein of yarn, in a natural beige colour.
I don't remember if it has cashmere in the mix -- I was told, but now I don't remember (which serves me right for not taking better notes!)

And this is a bag of MCN Fiber that I'm going to try spinning up:

Image Description: A bag of spinning fiber, blue in colour. The label is partially visible, sideways, and describes the fiber content (Merino/Nylon/Cashmere), and the dying method (sun dyed with food colouring), in handwritten letters.
My spinning skills are still pretty rudamentary, but practice always helps, right?

Anyway, so that was my fiber haul from the Studio Tour, and I'm already looking forward to next years tour.