Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Input sought for pattern ideas! (PS, I -hate- the cold virus).

Hello all!

Well, I'm glad that I don't have to do a lot of phone calls for this business.   I've picked up some sort of cold virus (ugh).  And while I'm over the 'I just want to stay in bed and sleep' phase, I'm still coughing, and I sound horrible.  So many people over the last few days are telling me that my voice sounds awful. 

. . . .they're probably right, but beyond that, I seem to have kicked this bug.  So I'm trying to insist that I'm reasonably fine, but I admit, I don't sound like I'm fine.

All that this means for you folks is that thank goodness none of you have to listen to me today!  Just that you, hopefully, are kind enough to be reading this blog.

Anyway, last week I mentioned that I had some questions for my readers.  So, here's another one for you kind readers.  It's similar to last week's question, but a touch different. :)

 What is the one thing that knitting/crochet patterns don't have that you wish they did have?

Conversely, what is the one things (if anything), that knitting/crochet patterns do have that you find you don't use or don't need?

Thanks in advance for any input!  This really helps me hone my patterns so that I can write patterns that are helpful to you, my readers and customers.  After all, there's no point in making a pattern for the aweseomest sweater ever, if no one can make sense of the pattern, right?

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