Thursday, 9 October 2014

End of a Sweater and beginning of Boot Toppers

Sadly, I've had to completely frog the Lace Sweater.  The yarn just didn't want to be lace.   It had sat, neglected, in my project bag for ages-and-a-day.

I have plans for that yarn (though, currently, those plans aren't my own design), and you know what, I'm a lot happier with that.  The sweater was honestly discouraging me, at this point, and I'm glad that I don't have to worry about it. 

And, it frees me up to play around with my newest project idea, which is a pair of ribbed and lace aran-weight boot toppers.

They're not something I would usually make, but I was inspired, once again, by the designer's challenge.   I had the idea of making something that would be a good stash-buster, and I've always had a weakness for aran-weight lace.

So I  went hunting in my stash for something machine-washable (because if I'm making boot toppers I want them to be done in durable yarn), and from the depths of my stash came a half-used skein of the ever-ubiquitous Red Heart Super Saver!

I've always loved this particular colourway.  It's called "Gemstone".   Though I do find Red Heart kind of scratchy, it's perfect for this project, since these won't be next to my skin.

Anyway, I've got some knitting to do on these!

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