Ribbed Bag of Many Things Pattern Errata

Hello; and welcome to the Pattern Errata Page for my Ribbed Bag of Many Things.

The digital copy available from Ravelry should automatically update so long as the pattern is in your Ravelry Library, but, if you have a print copy, or for some reason aren't getting the Ravelry Updates, then you can find the Errata history here.

To find your version, look at the last page of the pattern.  If there is no update date listed there, look at the file name of the .pdf.

Initial Version: October 13, 2016

Update: Jan 10, 2017:
  • Minor spelling errors and typos corrected.
Update: July 27, 2018
Update: August 13, 2018: 
  • Added Page Numbers
  • Updated Image Alt-Text
Update: October 5, 2018: 
  • Added contact information for
    • Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sarah_Dawns