Marianna Shawl Errata

A woman wearing a large blue-green lace shawl. She is holding the shawl at her neck with one hand.
Hello; and welcome to the Pattern Errata Page for my Marianna Shawl Pattern!

If you purchased the pattern as a print copy,from Etsy, or my Web Shop,   then you are in exactly the right place! The pattern is also available as a download for Patrons, as well.

To find your version, look at the last page of the pattern. If there is no update date listed there, look at the file name of the .pdf.

Initial Version: November 7th, 2019

  • July 8, 2020
    • Removed Direct Ravelry Link from Contact Section
    • Added to Credits: 
      • Technical Editor: Technical Editor: Katharine Seaman of Malcolm Maid Designs
      • TestKnitters:Dimitra Tzamtzis
    • Added to Web Shop