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I realized that I'd never really written much about myself up here, so, here goes!

A seated woman with a bulky-weight lace and cables knitted cowl folded down around her neck.

Well, my name is Sarah Dawn. I was named after my mother, who also had the middle name of Dawn; and she, from what I understand, was named after her father, Donald.  I go by Sarah Dawn, or even 'Dawn' most days now, since when my Father re-married after my mother passed away, my new step-sister was also named Sarah!   Since I was already used to being called Sarah Dawn in school (there seemed to be a lot of Sarahs in my primary school!) it seemed like a logical way to tell the two of us apart! 

I'm a Canadian with Welsh ancestry, living in Toronto, Ontario.  I'm (slowly) learning the Welsh language, thanks to a number of amazing online resources. I share my space in Toronto with two cats and my roommate. Technically one of the cats is mine and one is my roommates, but they love us both pretty much equally! 

It being the internet, I must include obligatory cat pictures:
 A slipped-stitch blanket with RS and WS both showing. A tabby cat is partially under the blanket and looking up at the camera
This is Tika, my cat.

Image Description: A fluffy black cat partly curled around a wound up ball of yarn. The cat looks to be half-asleep.
This is Jessie, my roommate's cat.
As for the fiber arts, I learned to knit when I was 5 years old, and came back to it in my University years. I’m currently trying to teach myself to spin, and while my spinning could definitely use more practice, I am enjoying it!  I'm also re-teaching myself to crochet, with the help of the internet.  I've got the basic stitches down pat, I think, but I keep messing up my turning chains and such.  My last attempt at a crocheted rectangle was embarrassingly deformed!
My favorite fibers tend towards silk and alpaca blends, but I’ll knit just about any fiber as the mood strikes me. I’ve not yet tried qiviut, but it’s on my list of things to try (and I now do have some in my stash!)

When I'm not knitting, I'm an avid disability rights champion.  As someone (especially an entrepreneur) with a disability, I very often run into access barriers, both physical and social. It's amazing how inaccessible places can be, even major conferences and events.  I joke that I advocate by existing, because I expect to be able to participate at the same level as everyone else in the room (which is my legal right under the Human Rights Code of Canada); so I won't allow myself to be stuck in segregated seating, or left behind during an event that's only partially accessible.  That said, I try and reserve this corner of the internet more for yarn and fiber things.  Not that there isn't some overlap, but this business isn't my disability pride soapbox.

My other major interests are the various corners of nerd-dom.  I'm an avid Star Trek, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings Fan; and I'm a member of a pen-and-paper roleplaying group that meets up once a week!    And yes, I blame my love of Earl Grey Tea on Captain Jean-Luc Picard.  It all started because I wanted to know what he was drinking, so I tried some!

About Sarah Dawn's Designs:

Well, the idea of designing my own patterns had been in my head for a while.  Once I realized that I could play with the basic structure of say a sock, or a hat, it just seemed to make sense.  But I didn't really do anything about it.    But, getting a job as a "girl with a wheelchair" is near impossible, and I was getting tired of the assumptions of incompetence, profanity, and utter rudeness I experienced in far too many job interviews.  When I landed a part-time virtual job with the Ontario Library Association (I loved that work, the people there were amazing, and were a wonderful exception to the usual responses to disability!), I started designing knitting off and on, but didn't do anything too serious with it.  Indeed, the earlier posts on this very blog date from that time.  What I realized then was, instead of selling finished knitted objects, (which a lot of people suggested, but I knew I couldn't sustain that), I could sell the patterns -- and that, I could sustain!

So, when the job with the OLA wrapped up, I knew I didn't want to go back and subject myself to another round of useless interviews, and I decided to actually go fully for this designing thing!    Not that I had a clue what I was doing, of course.  So, in May 2016 I enrolled in the Toronto Business Development Program's Biz Futures Class.  That's where I learned just how much I didn't know, (eek!) and I've been learning ever since. 

Right now, this is actually my day job, and I love it!  While I'm not adverse to taking on small extra jobs here and there, the pattern design, teaching, and knitwear actually are my full-time job.

I'm pretty open about most of my life and design stuff.  If you've got a question about me (fiber related or otherwise), feel free to post it to the comments here, and I'll do my best to answer. I can't promise an answer to any super-personal questions, but generally, I'm happy to answer questions about fiber stuff, disability stuff, or any other questions you folks might have!  If you've got questions you don't want to post publicly to the comments, you can also e-mail me, too.

So I hope that's shed some light on who I am and what's up in my little corner of the universe!

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